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Our mission is to improve the lives of our customers by giving them time back and reducing risk in their business.


Anapact is an elastic platform that helps every department involved in any contracting across the enterprise.

Our CLM Solution is built as an extension of your team.

In the Summer of 2018, Our NetSuite ERP Consulting Practice found itself in quite the predicament. We signed a contract that was far more complex than anything we’ve ever encountered. This learning experience was the catalyst that launched our team into action. If we were going to continue to grow our business, we had to have a Contract Management system in place that could handle our needs – while still recognizing we weren’t an enterprise level company. What astonished us was the lack of solutions available for an organization where the entire team could manage contracts. Our NetSuite Practice is one of the top practices in the U.S., we are nimble and we are proud to wear multiple hats – but most solutions are only built for Legal, Accounts Payable or for one Platform (SalesForce). We needed a solution where the whole business could manage contracts under one umbrella.

So, we got to work building Anapact.

Lou Balla

Chairman Anapact

Glenn Saunders

CEO Anapact

Louis Balla

CRO Anapact

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