Anapact is:
Contract management software built to be easy

Reduce risk, ensure compliance and adapt to your changing needs. Get your business on track in less than 10 minutes.

Paul Oster | O’Plantation 

Managing contracts throughout our company became more and more burdensome as we expanded. Anapact changed that.

Mandy Weinberg | Nuage

A focus on contract leakage helps Anapact standout amongst its competitors. Once your team is onboarded, intuitiveness for essential CLM tasks is baked into the software.

Get the contract essentials
with simple, scalable pricing

Simple annual pricing for 1000 contracts.
  • 1000 Contracts 25,000 Contracts *
    Includes 1000 Contracts 10 Users
* Manage more than 25,000 contracts? Speak to Sales about enterprise pricing

A CLM that works across

Streamline Your Contract Workflow

Stay organized with all your contracts, documentation and signatures in one secure, centralized location – updated in real-time

Receive notifications and alerts on important dates, contract renewals and deadlines

Quickly search key contract details or specific clauses in your agreements

Finalize contracts securely on any device with our eSignature feature

Minimize Risk and Ensure Compliance

Reduce manual errors by automating contract distribution, edits and approvals

Easily modify workflows when laws or regulations change

Receive red flag notifications when clauses don’t meet compliance

Control who has access to what with drag-and-drop feature authorizing users

Monitor your contract data through our suite of charts and reports

Work Efficiently from a Single Source of Truth

Keep contracts organized in a central, secure, easily accessible location

Scale your business effectively and confidently with seamless integrations

Stay up-to-date on status and progress of contracts in real-time

Reduce time spent searching for and updating documents