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Contract renewal the easy way
You know the adage – it’s easier to keep a customer than to get a new one. But many small businesses struggle with contract renewal because they are trying to run a modern business with antiquated processes and tools. In this blog, we highlight some advice from contract management experts
Contract process for small businesses
The A to Z of Small Business Contract Process Your small business depends on contracts at all levels – from your vendors to your customers, partners, and staff. However, you don’t have an army of expensive lawyers you can call when something goes wrong. You need to understand the contract
5 ways contract automation can increase your revenue
Contracts are the bedrock of your business relationships. A lot of businesses focus on the cost of bad contract management but the flipside is that good contract management can not only save you from default but in fact can make you money. In this blog, I will cover five ways
How to write contracts for the unexpected
The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting businesses hard and it is well-prepared companies who are faring the best. Conferences and trade shows have been canceled, stores are closing, manufacturers are scaling back to a skeleton crew, and supply lines are slowing to a crawl. Many companies are looking hard at their
How to write a contract
Contracts are among the most-used documents in any business. They govern almost all dealings with external partners including vendors, suppliers, and customers, setting out plainly who is responsible for delivering what. For that reason, they are universally trusted, but the flip side is that they carry enormous risk. If your

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