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How to write contracts for the unexpected
The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting businesses hard and it is well-prepared companies who are faring the best. Conferences and trade shows have been canceled, stores are closing, manufacturers are scaling back to a skeleton crew, and supply lines are slowing to a crawl. Many companies are looking hard at their
How to write a contract
Contracts are among the most-used documents in any business. They govern almost all dealings with external partners including vendors, suppliers, and customers, setting out plainly who is responsible for delivering what. For that reason, they are universally trusted, but the flip side is that they carry enormous risk. If your
what is a clause library and its benefits for small businesses
I get this question a lot. Having a well-resourced clause library of your most-common clauses speeds your entire contract process – from drawing up the agreement, through negotiation and redlining, to signing and fulfillment. It’s frequently the reason that small businesses decide they need a contract lifecycle management solution. Clause
contract redlining best practices
Contract redlining best practices: How to Prepare Your Company in 2020 Contract redlining is a vital part of your contract management process and you shouldn’t leave it to chance. Yet, many companies are using tools from last century to manage document redlining and negotiation, which are wasting time and resources,
fix contract leakage
No matter what kind of business you’re in, your business relies on contracts. They are the basis of almost all our relationships – from suppliers to customers, partners, contractors, and staff. It’s essential these business contracts are watertight but the fact is, many are not. Businesses are losing hundreds of

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